Fellowes MS-450 Microshred with SafeSense Technology Reviews

Offices tend to be highly busy business environments, with a lot of activities taking place; including the shredding of unneeded documents.  However, all the devices which run on the power supply in an office considerably raise the utility bills a business incurs. The most effective way to lower the utility bills incurred by a business is by minimizing the use of power within the office environment. Computers rely on power supply primarily to operate; other equipment found within an office like photocopies, duplication machines, and shredders can be unplugged from power sources when they are not in use. The other way to reduce utility bills is by opting for office equipment designed to economically use a power supply, like the Fellowes MS-450 Microshred with SafeSense Technology.

Product Overview

The Fellowes MS-450 Microshred with SafeSense Technology enhances the economization of electricity by automatically stopping the device when the user touches the throat area. The device can shred ten sheets of paper at an instance and can shred credit cards, staples, and CDs as well. The shredder works silently and can operate for an extended period, to achieve high volume disposal of redundant documents.

Technical Features

The distinct technical features of the Fellowes MS-450 Microshred with SafeSense Technology include:

The device can shred up to 10 sheets of paper at any instance, into 2 x 8mm tiny papers

The device comes bundled up with a safety cut off functionality, separate throat, and an integrated waste compartment

The SafeSense technology enables the shredder to automatically stop when the user touches the device’s throat area

Credit cards, CDs, and staples can also be shredded by the device, which comes with a separate CD entry

The device comes integrated with the SilentShread performance technology, allowing the device to work silently for an extended period when required

Other Details

The Fellowes MS-450 Microshred with SafeSense Technology weighs 13.62 kg

The device measures 55.4 x 34.8 x 25.6cm (H x W x D)

The device has a shredding speed of about 2.7 m/min

A 20 liters waste bin is incorporated into the device

The device has a Non-stop running time of 8 to 10 Minutes

The shredder comes with a five year Manufacturer’s Cutter Warranty


The device is quite bulky and therefore it cannot be moved around. It can also take up a considerable amount of office space.

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